June 21, 2024
  1. By some indications, several LGUs did not include in their Covid-19 response plan the expansion of isolation facilities should there be clustering of cases in their areas.
  2. A promotional video of this LGU that was aired on national television was limited in terms of coverage and content despite huge amount given to the event organizers.
  3. Some quarters claim Covid-19 cases are rising in nearby areas due to the lack of leadership skills, aggressive contact tracing, and mass testing capacities.
  4. Militant groups allege this national broadsheet is misrepresenting itself as a member of the Fourth Estate because its owners are publicists of those in the halls of power.
  5. The damage on farms and properties due to flashfloods in this Cordillera province indicates the presence of a serious environmental concern, such as illegal logging.
  6. Several individuals, who do not know any better, have created bogus social media accounts to discredit members of a famed MMA team whenever they suffer losses.
  7. Most of those who visited the Ilocos provinces are tourism officials, as they need to help promote the Ridge and Reef Program, not for junket during a pandemic.
  8. Several individuals are interested in getting the contract with this Internet provider to install fiber optics in the localities after ending its contract with its local partner.
  9. Two ranking government officials were not happy when their constituents posted in social media the damage caused by flashfloods in their areas due to a recent typhoon.
  10. Some enterprising individuals are forming groups from different towns in the province purposely to advance the political agenda of this legislator come 2022.
  11. Thousands of residents of this LGU heaved a sigh of relief when their chief executive stopped the collection of fees for medical certificates to the dismay of some officials.
  12. The series of shooting incidents resulting in deaths in Abra is perceived by many quarters as politically motivated, despite claims that these are isolated cases.