May 18, 2024
  1. One of those suspended by the Ombudsman due to neglect of duty and inefficiency was busy meddling with local affairs to pursue personal interests, not public service.
  2. The DPWH central office will not be surprised if it would be informed that some public infrastructure projects were bidded out in CAR despite alleged irregularities.
  3. Netizens would easily notice if those posted in social media platforms highlighting the ‘good deeds’ of public servants are just for photo ops or simply part of their mandates.
  4. Many sectors are not convinced that alleged land grabbing was the primary reason why this anti-graft crusader was killed and whose character was defamed by mercenaries.
  5. This government executive knows that someone from their sector is deeply interested in replacing her when she learned that her credentials was questioned at the central office.
  6. This regional director, in his bid to intimidate his supposed critics, has made sure he was with other ranking officials when they were ordered to meet his critics, a boy and a girl.
  7. Other local government units that are part of the tourism bubble are not so strict in their requirements, except that each tourist must have a negative RT-PCR result prior to entry.
  8. Several quarters have noticed that the much-publicized world-class green architecture feature of this known developer is not always followed once the project is completed.
  9. There is no truth to information that those concerned have not ignored the warning for a possible Covid-19 outbreak in an LGU, which is also home to some medical experts.
  10. A ranking government official who drafted petitions requesting the central office not to cause his transfer to another region now enjoys the new assignment he disliked before.
  11. Two regional agencies are likely to be included in nationwide probe on reported web of corruption that has caused major setbacks on government services and projects.
  12. Netizens are one in suggesting to media outlets that the latest national directive for an in-depth investigation on corruption must be a ‘joke of the day’, not a breaking news.