June 21, 2024
  1. Filipinos can easily discern if this ranking political leader is suffering from serious illness despite efforts to project him in social media that his health condition is stable.
  2. Gullible teachers have become the laughingstock due to their viral photos that have surpassed realities on the ground due to the fault of several enterprising photographers.
  3. The Covid-19 pandemic has put to test the urgency of putting to action the agreements signed between the members of the BLISTT Council that promotes mutual cooperation.
  4. The countless individuals who were displaced by the Covid-19 pandemic might soon be hired as jueteng bet collectors when the poor man’s lottery resumes in the localities.
  5. The premier military institution in Asia will seriously look into the mental health issues of its teaching and non-teaching personnel to avoid a repeat of the fatal shooting case.
  6. The proposed funds intended for the congressional districts of the Cordillera will not be affected regardless of the stand of the seven solons on the House Speakership row.
  7. Several business establishments and offices opted to reduce the working days of their employees to ease up the crowd in workplaces than subjecting them all to swab testing.
  8. This Cordillera legislator is not worried about losing his influence at the lower House once there is a change in leadership since he would remain a close ally of Malacañang.
  9. This aspirant is not pulling some strings by asking three prominent political figures in CAR to withdraw their support for another aspirant of a coveted position in a company.
  10. Some APORs and VIPs from Manila and other regions religiously comply with the travel requirements before entering Baguio due to the vigilance of city residents.
  11. Up to now, three officials in this LGU who claim to have ‘malasakit sa kapwa’ have not fulfilled their campaign promises even during this time of Covid-19 crisis.
  12. One of the respected political leaders is not yet entertaining calls for him to seek for an elective post in 2022 to help preserve the ‘culture of genuine service’ in CAR.