May 20, 2024
  1. The latest liquor ban was quickly lifted after the city mayor was informed that enterprising individuals triple the prices of liquor products every time there’s a ban.
  2. The Comelec is puzzled why only a handful of youth visited its field offices to register when many of them are active in debates and discussions on elections on social media.
  3. Two government departments that are relentless in urging the public not to patronize misinformation in social media are behind the fake accounts shut down by Facebook.
  4. Troll armies should start abandoning social media platforms such as Facebook if they really think the “yellows” are behind the recent shut down of fake accounts.
  5. The Baguio police had to dispatch policemen and women to ensure that this group of people will wear face masks and undergo testing due to clustering of cases in their area.
  6. Some of those who are obsessed with parking proposals are not thinking of long-term solutions to the traffic woes but how to thicken their pockets in record time.
  7. The top management of this public utility firm remains highly contested between two contenders, who claim to be qualified sans political backers.
  8. The pandemic restrictions should not be used as reason why suicide prevention is not aggressively being implemented despite the noticeable increase in suicide cases.
  9. Several LGUs in Region 1 have reservations in accepting tourists from Baguio when the tourism bubble kicks off Oct. 1 due to increasing Covid-19 cases in the city.
  10. One of the mayors in the Cordillera is seriously considering to run for Congress in the 2022 polls even if it will be a highly contested race of formidable politicians.
  11. A progressive group accused of being behind the recruitment of minors to the CPP-NPA heaved a sigh of relief that some accounts spreading ‘lies’ were taken down.
  12. This department head might face charges from a private group for alleged selective distribution of documents that require publication in newspapers of general circulation.