June 1, 2023

1. Kalinga province and its people just made the Philippines proud for setting two Guinness World Records through unity and cooperation despite their differences.

2. The float parade during Apayao’s Say-am Festival has set a high standard in the conduct of similar activity by other provincial LGUs and even the private sector.

3. The son of a prominent politician and a well-known punong barangay are being groomed as the early favorites for the much-contested post of ABC president.

4. Many individuals in the highlands, especially in Benguet, were elated by the news even the President welcomed the plan of Toyota to revive the Tamaraw model.

5. A social research institution is slowly losing its credibility with its surveys that insist more adult Filipinos are satisfied with the current leadership despite the crisis.

6. A former Cabinet member is not losing hope he will be reappointed to his previous post where he was charged for corruption after the one-year election ban is lifted.

7. Some taxi units using a booking application are under monitoring by concerned offices for revocation of license for charging the passengers with exorbitant fare.

8. The recent homecoming of a known institution was also a display of brand new cars among alumni with those in the law enforcement owning the expensive ones.

9. An embattled Cabinet member whose term is about to end is keeping his fingers crossed  he will be retained despite the numerous cases filed against him.

10. A Cordilleran chief executive should be commended for having the balls to file charges against those who failed to ensure superior infrastructures in the locality.

11. The number of aspirants for the top regional police post has increased to six, but the incumbent director still enjoys the trust and confidence of the PNP hierarchy.

12. A Cordilleran with a rank of full colonel is hoping his stalled promotion will be reconsidered by a fellow Cordilleran, who has questioned the former’s integrity.

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