March 27, 2023
  1. A ranking government executive from the Cordillera has been endorsing several of his kababayan to various government posts even if they lack qualifications.
  2. Autonomy advocates remain optimistic the quest for self-rule in the highlands is within reach even if not stated as a priority in the latest President’s SONA.
  3. The haughtiness of this OIC in a department is all for naught for he could not even answer basic questions from legislators, which was answered by a proxy.
  4. The finance officer of a Cordillera province is a helpful department head when she hired an unqualified relative and using a government car for personal errands.
  5. There is a noticeable infighting among members of a local chapter of DDS, as only few people are now getting the attention of their leader through his emissary.
  6. A provincial official no longer wonder why local chief executives make sure they always accompany a wealthy leader even if the event is outside their AOR.
  7. One of the newest traffic schemes is designed to benefit a known establishment while many homegrown businesses continue to survive the Covid-19 pandemic.
  8. Old residents have to carry heavy load they bought at the city market and must walk through Session Road or Harrison Road to reach the new jeepney terminal.
  9. The planned reopening of city borders to tourists would allow them unrestricted access to the city market and malls while locals will follow quarantine schedules.
  10. This regional executive was unceremoniously replaced for choosing to fight for the welfare of frontline workers in the Cordillera than play politics with bosses.
  11. Families of Covid-19 patients suffered discrimination when some individuals who do not know any better shared the full details of patients on social media.
  12. Filipinos will be fully convinced that some high-profile inmates died of the Covid-19 if the BuCor releases convincing proofs like CCTV footages and photos.

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