April 18, 2024
  1. Unsafe alcohol-drinking practices, such as sharing of glasses and utensils, have largely contributed to the sudden surge of Covid-19 cases in the country.
  2. There was no panic buying of alcoholic beverages in Baguio hours before the mayor signed an order imposing a liquor ban to fight the spread of Covid-19.
  3. DOLE and partner agencies are closely monitoring establishments and firms for possible labor law violations in laying off workers during the pandemic.
  4. Contrary to claims, public vigilance and making public officials accountable have pushed citizens to report the purchase of overpriced thermal scanners.
  5. Many of those in the halls of power are quick to label as pure politicking any move by citizens to question the disbursement of funds to fight the Covid-19.
  6. A Cordilleran lawyer is willing to testify should the Senate or Congress decide to conduct an inquiry on the reported web of corruption at PhilHealth.
  7. Those insisting on implementing a barrier between a couple riding in tandem on a motorcycle must also require them to put a shield between them in bed.
  8. The transfer of two government executives was due to the complaints of some disgruntled contractors, not due to two officials, who now require bigger SOPs.
  9. Some quarters wonder why the self-proclaimed fiscalizers on anomalies that involve government projects are silent but waiting for the right time to speak.
  10. Pundits would claim that one political family in a Cordillera province could have been neutralized but their supporters will rally behind them come 2022.
  11. Another real-estate developer is just waiting for the right time before cutting matured trees in a prime property in Baguio as it has secured permits anyway.
  12. There was a disagreement among town officials when a team was allowed to shoot in several tourism sites that was used as background for Digong’s SONA.