June 4, 2023

1. The multi-million share of an LGU from the Virginia tobacco excise tax is closely monitored so that it will not be laundered by politicians behind the 2022 elections violence.

2. The sightings of venomous snakes including King cobra in some parts of the region calls for rural health units and provincial hospitals to ensure ample stock of antivenom.

3. By many indications, the revised Baguio City charter has flaws and many sectors in the localities, including city officials, want to be corrected except for one politician.

4.  A controversial movie that aims to exonerate a family is aggressively being promoted in festivals with a politician bankrolling its promotion even surprising organizers.

5. This former hotel in the locality is being used for an offshore gaming operations with Chinese nationals as employees, who do not go out in groups during their day off.

6. The proposal of a self-proclaimed socmed group to have free lunch and lodging for its crew plus compensation was outrightly rejected by a concerned festival committee.

7. Personnel of a public information office of an LGU must ensure the nickname of the mayor is not being omitted in all their press releases, including official correspondence.

8. A once embattled corporate manager has finally decided to go back to government service after a series of offers to accept a managerial post equivalent to regional director.

9. Three ranking NCIP officials are busy contacting their padrinos who helped bankroll the campaign of the President to be retained from their current highly-contested posts.

10. Up to now, concerned sectors are hoping the supposed needed investments as a result of the frequent travel of Palace officials will come to reality to help the ailing economy.

11. BCPO and PRO-Cor did a great job in directing traffic flow and ensuring public order and safety which also led to the successful staging of Panagbenga’s two major events.

12. The public must closely monitor advisories from SEC against companies and groups enticing people to invest in their investment schemes that resemble pyramid scheme.

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