December 8, 2023
  1. The lifting of the liquor ban in Baguio was not a big deal to residents who got drunk courtesy of individuals who continued selling liquor even during the quarantine.
  2. The reassignment of two government executives following complaints from several politicians shows that the government is listening to public clamors.
  3. There is a big possibility that developers of high-rise buildings will start their projects anytime before Malacañang orders a moratorium on tree cutting.
  4. Those harboring ill-feelings towards their neighbors might indiscriminately misguide cops who are searching for persons with mild Covid-19 symptoms.
  5. Two Cabinet officials are up for clownery contest by issuing statements that tend to give false sense of security among Filipinos in this time of pandemic.
  6. This chief executive will pursue plans to replace the municipal engineer on false assumption that he has become one of the untouchable political leaders.
  7. Some of the proceeds of several events for-a-cause during the pandemic have not reached the intended beneficiaries contrary to the claims of organizers.
  8. Some quarters wonder why a prominent militant group and its allies have not staged rallies in the city to denounce obvious government wrongdoings.
  9. This early, some chief executives and their provincial political allies are now solidifying their ranks in preparation for the highly-contested posts in 2022.
  10. Autonomy advocates would still sustain the long-time quest for self-rule in the highlands despite the lack of funds for the campaign due to the Covid-19 crisis.
  11. Past and incumbent political leaders in a province are planning to form an alliance to block any attempt by another leader to reign over the province.
  12. Police authorities must arrest individuals who remove their face masks to eat or while walking in public places, especially in the central business district.