July 25, 2024
  1. It is high time for Malacañang to review the performance of those directly involved in the uphill war against Covid-19 if they remain qualified for the job.
  2. This Cabinet official has become a laughingstock even among bystanders for issuing reports about the Covid-19 situation in the country sans proper research.
  3. This provincial official has no plans of involving colleagues in the legislative branch in a series of relief campaign, which is primarily funded by another leader.
  4. This chief executive stands his ground not to lift the liquor ban in his jurisdiction since there were more liquor-related cases in the past than Covid-19 admissions.
  5. A government worker, who earlier claimed to be vulnerable to infection, has decided to perform his tasks after being informed he will be probed for staying at home.
  6. The arrest in Kalinga of two alleged drug couriers from Manila proves that individuals have managed to pass checkpoints using fake quarantine passes.
  7. The security agency mentioned by two arrested drug suspects in Kalinga must clear its name from the controversy to avoid being bashed by gullible netizens.
  8. This progressive group and its allies must answer thoroughly all the accusations launched against the organization and its leaders to keep its integrity intact.
  9. A ranking political leader did not contradict himself in claiming that the rule of law must always prevail even as he defended a PNP officer from ECQ violation.
  10. Concerned government agencies must also prepare for the increasing unwanted pregnancies during the two-month lockdown when the health crisis settles down.
  11. BCPO did the right thing for not allowing uniformed armed workers from other areas from crossing the city border for personal reasons if they are not residents.
  12. Even with stern warning, some jeepney drivers in the localities collect P20 per passenger which is a total disregard of the warning of the mayors and LTFRB.