June 21, 2024
  1. Residents wonder why a law enforcer assigned in Metro Manila, who contracted the Covid-19, has entered Baguio when only returning OFWs are allowed to enter.
  2. This city official who suggested that parks be closed for one day every week must consider proposing the same on malls, which are more conductive to the infection.
  3. Giant establishments in urban areas such as Baguio must also adopt a policy that limit the number of mallgoers for a certain period of time in their post-ECQ plans.
  4. The ‘violation’ of the ECQ protocols such as physical distancing and gathering in the birthday of a top Metro cop is most likely to be probed by Camp Crame.
  5. Members of the Fourth Estate did a good coverage of the Covid-19 pandemic even half the number of newspapers in the country have ceased their print editions during the ECQ.
  6. Some quarters wonder why the UP-produced Covid-19 test kits were withheld by the RITM due to supposed quality control concerns like those coming from China.
  7. It took time before the mayor was informed that a government worker has not been performing his job well even when he is needed by the office during the pandemic.
  8. Some quarters wonder why those who threatened the Vice President and her family remain free while the one who threatened the President was nabbed in record time.
  9. Some of the donors of the UP-made Covid-19 test kits have plans of replacing the kits with ones compatible with PCR machines being used by sub-national testing centers.
  10. Police manning quarantine checkpoints must double check so that private vehicles of authorized persons outside of residences are not discreetly used by non-APOR.
  11. The warning from a health expert that testing negative for Covid-19 does not mean that the individual is free from the infection even without following the protocols.
  12. Those in power share the view that no individual will have the courage to distort the photographs depicting the birthday of a ranking police officer during the ECQ.