December 1, 2023
  1. A VIP, who travelled to Baguio from Manila, has been exempted from the 14-day quarantine, since he had an urgent meeting before rushing back to the metro.
  2. Several local government units in the urban areas are not prepared to manage the expected return of stranded students and residents from areas with Covid-19 cases.
  3. Some provinces in northern Luzon are targeting zero-Covid-19 cases until the ECQ is lifted because their provincial hospitals are not capable of admitting patients.
  4. Countless loyalists of political figures in the city admitted they are thankful that the current local administration is on the right track in its fight against Covid-19.
  5. There are no internal arrangements between personnel of government agencies and supposed recipients of several financial assistance programs during the health crisis.
  6. Those who survived the Covid-19, including their family members, are being shunned by individuals who fear of possibly contracting the infection.
  7. Some establishments in Baguio thought that the enhanced community quarantine has already been lifted that they violate the protocols by their continued operation.
  8. Countless individuals qualified as recipients of financial assistance from various programs were ineligible due to some evaluators who thought they own the money.
  9. Residents wonder why one of the city officials, who was visible during the campaign period, has been seen attending to his constituents since the start of the lockdown.
  10. Several politicians want to have a say on the closure of a giant television company when they have all the chance the previous months to have its franchised renewed.
  11. The planned mass testing in the city got a major setback due to lack of testing kits while this supposed humanitarian group is not volunteering its kits unless with pay.
  12. Two government personnel might face several charges after they tried hiding the application for financial aid for the few workers of a vigilant private company.