April 16, 2024
  1. Several business owners, who choose life over money, would support a localized lockdown after April 30 if only to protect public health from the Covid-19 pandemic.
  2. There is no truth to information that some households known to barangay execs were able to secure two or three quarantine passes instead of one per household.
  3. The public asserts that mass testing for the Covid-19 should cover all individuals but even those in the priority list might not all be covered by the available kits.
  4. The indiscriminate and irresponsible disposal of facemasks and other PPEs could be a potential source of the coronavirus disease-2019 if not checked by authorities.
  5. The series of shooting events in Abra during the enhanced community quarantine could be the reason why a ranking police officer has been relieved from his post.
  6. The Baguio and La Trinidad jails could be overcrowded now if the police would arrest those not observing physical distancing at the city market and trading post.
  7. One good thing about the city government is that it is responsively addressing the issues and concerns elevated by citizens in line with its anti-Covid-19 campaign.
  8. Some social media pages promote plagiarism and infringement of copyright laws by simply lifting text and photo materials from media outfits without proper credit.
  9. Countless individuals who do not know any better, keep criticizing the ongoing drive against the Covid-19 when they have not contributed anything in the efforts.
  10. The lockdown for Pinget barangay has not served as a wake-up call for other areas to shape up, as many more residents who violate the ECQ could not be controlled.
  11. The alleged killers of a police officer in the Visayas might have escaped many PNP checkpoints, as he was arrested in Baguio four days after the reported killing.
  12. Personnel of these pro-poor centers could not attend to indigent patients seeking financial help, as they are busy labeling relief packs with a politician’s name.