July 13, 2024
  1. Residents are already confused on the community quarantine policy that they must follow, as many policies by LGUs are not in consonance with the Luzon’s ECQ.
  2. There’s no sign of inequality when politicians and their families are reported to have been tested for the Covid-19 while thousands of their constituents are not having it.
  3. No councilor in the Cordillera, who attended the PCL convention underwent self- quarantine, even after one of the attendees from the south died due to the Covid-19.
  4. Hoarders of face masks, alcohols, and vitamins are now using dummy accounts when selling these products online at exorbitant prices as the NBI is after them.
  5. Police manning checkpoints must be aware of these riders and drivers, who defy the enhanced community quarantine order by ferrying individuals even for free.
  6. Those who go out of their homes in the guise of helping those stranded are risking the health of their family members when they contract the Covid-19.
  7. A Christian school in a province keeps nagging parents of their children’s tuition and other fees even when many areas strict observe community quarantine.
  8. Those who grew up in the highlands who know the value of “te-er,” or rest day are among the most obedient citizens during the enhanced community quarantine.
  9. Countless residents went into panic after information spread that four individuals, including this rich and famous guy could have contracted the Covid-19 infection.
  10. Miscommunication, not the desire to earn profit was the main reason why a city barangay collected P50 fee from residents who secured clearance to go outside.
  11. Dozens of persons under investigation for the Covid-19 are stuck in hospitals while their families worry, as it takes weeks before laboratory test results are out.
  12. The safety of commuters and rule of law are major considerations of City Hall in transferring the staging areas for transport and UV vans, especially colorum.