July 25, 2024
  1. Officials and constituents of Benguet must act against the dumping of cadavers along their roads, as it taints the reputation of the province as a peaceful and orderly locality.
  2. It is not self-aggrandizement when City Hall awarded several people even if it’s too early to tell if the traffic experiments are working as commuters complain.
  3. Voters who are not used to streamers acknowledging politicians for implementing projects are not impressed with the tarpaulins saluting people behind the removal of spaghetti wires.
  4. Several LGUs that have cancelled festivals and tourism-related events in their areas may reconsider their decision following the joint statement of concerned agencies on Covid-19.
  5. The series of letters from fictitious characters emailed to media outfits is not another desperate attempt by this organization linked to photo manipulation to malign a movement.
  6. The secretary of this provincial legislator in the Cordillera opted to resign abruptly when her long-time supervisor made sexual advances against her will on several occasions.
  7. Hackers and trolls were not behind the plans to stop an online signature campaign that aims to gather a million signatures convincing Congress to renew the franchise of a TV network.
  8. There is no double standard when those in power question foreign investments in media while Congress backs a bill allowing full foreign ownership of public utilities.
  9. No individual from the Cordillera is calling government employees and informing them to pay certain amounts so they can be exonerated from bogus administrative charges.
  10. The family of a minor, who was sexually abused by armed personnel in Ifugao, is being offered P70,000 to convince them not to pursue the filing of charges against the suspect.
  11. Several erring contractors have started mending their ways for fear of being blacklisted by the DPWH following the series of project inspection by this local chief executive.
  12. Most of the crowd-drawing events in the Summer Capital were reset next month, as if the threat of the Covid-19 that has killed thousands worldwide would die down in March.