May 27, 2024
  1. This ranking government worker and his friends are not discretely cornering many special projects with funds while claiming to be volunteering their service.
  2. A local chief executive strongly believes he is capable of stopping corruption that is the root cause of sub-standard projects at the expense of LGUs and taxpayers.
  3. The brokers and agents of a multi-million land deal are also laughing their way to the banks while others are enjoying their 18-hole game in their favorite clubs.
  4. Some of the organizers of a male pageant have the intent to heed the call for them to correct the “cultural appropriation” over the controversial wearing of bahag.
  5. A famous rebel leader-cum spokesperson is not bothered by the recent order by the Anti-Money Laundering Council freezing his assets that are non-existent anyway.
  6. Many lotto afficionados still refuse to stop placing bets on number combinations even if rumors have it that some of the supposed lucky lone bettors are non-existent.
  7. One of the well-respected political leaders in a nearby province will be appointed to a provincial post as his reward for not running for any higher elective position.
  8. Two losing political leaders have admitted to their benefactor they will be rendered jobless come June 30 even as they appealed to be employed as political consultants.
  9. A lawyer from the central Cordillera is silently lobbying before the most powerful lady politician from the south capable to recommend anyone to a Cabinet position.
  10. A self-proclaimed private fiscalizer is not terrified by the cyber libel filed against him by a Cordillera politician, who cried foul for series of graft allegations on him.
  11. Some of those aspiring for a Cabinet post under the Marcos government are happy with the appointment of one, who might not stay long to the position due to old age.
  12. The kids’ gloves treatment of an SUV driver who ran over a lowly security guard would not affect the internal lobbying for this officer to be appointed as chief PNP.