June 22, 2024

Benguet can produce potatoes for processing

The phenotype of a plant is governed by its genes and the environment where it is grown.
Elevated areas of Benguet have temperate climate suitable for the production of processing type potatoes. It is a matter of following certain technologies that lead to successful production of potatoes to fries and chips.
Grow late maturing cultivators in October to February during the cool season, having short day length and full sunlight for better tuber initiation and development.
Apply additional amount of nitrogen to prolong the vegetative growth and potassium for the synthesis of carbohydrates which constitutes the solid content of the tubers.
Regulate the amount of water just to reach the effective root zone depth when irrigating the crop.
Employ effective pest management approaches to maintain the vigor of the crop.
At harvest, the dry matter of the tubers should be high with low sugar content.
Observe careful postharvest handling practices to prevent damage of the tubers.
The details could be presented in a farmers seminar that can be sponsored by the Benguet State University or the Department of Agriculture tapping credible individuals and resource persons, and I am willing to be one of them. — PERCIVAL B. ALIPIT, Baguio City