July 21, 2024

1. Like in the past administration, this so-called party regional coordinator has not received an official appointment from Malacañang to assume any of the lower Cabinet positions.

2. Unknown to many, a ranking government official has been using the title, regional director in official communications when his official designation is not equivalent to an RD position.

3. The resignation of this once powerful trustee of a ranking official did not end the internal rift between the former and another executive official over who is powerful and influential.

4. A long-time City Hall worker thinks discrediting the previous administrations and praising the current government is one of the credentials in getting him promoted before retirement.

5. Some of the issues concerning the operation and financial transactions of a utility company that were previously dismissed as hearsay are now being validated as true by past officials.

6. Weather disturbances, not lack of preventive maintenance aggravated by years of operation, is being perceived as the real culprit behind the prolonged power outage in northern Benguet.

7. Pseudo communicators think they could be beneficiaries of higher intelligence funds for massive red-tagging activities even without verifying the credibility of their sources.

8. The health agency and the public might have put too much attention on the Covid-19 that prevailing infections are being overlooked but are silently claiming young lives.

9. The public is baffled on the real intent of the city government or some politicians in the purchase of a large tract of land in Tuba which is now subject of adverse claims.

10. Having experienced the perks of being in a utility firm, a self-styled critic turned salaried hack has been throwing weight in the company by going around offices acting like a boss.

11. Workers of this company can only shake their heads in regret and disgust for supporting a person who wants to become friends with anyone but who turned out to be a baloney.

12. A politician who previously attended almost all wakes and intruded even in some private events has not been visible the past months, as he is busy raising funds for the 2025 election.