December 1, 2023
  1. Travel restrictions against those perceived by the U.S. as behind the incarceration of Sen. Leila de Lima for alleged involvement in illegal drug trade will not include some magistrates.
  2. Two female officials opted not to cross partylines, as they remain committed to their campaign vows unlike the other four, who are acting like a cheering squad for the executive.
  3. Many of the images and videos denouncing the CPP-NPA posted on social media are not staged even if most of these materials are from the PNP and AFP, not from citizens.
  4. The chief of a social media team doing a great job might consider leaving the team if this power partner keeps finding ways to ease out the members from occupying an office.
  5. Concerned offices and government personnel must conduct an immediate review of the traffic plans and schemes implemented during the holidays to avoid unbearable traffic again.
  6. Netizens are still wondering about the origin of the information that a well-known real estate company plans to develop a vast tract of land in a mystical town, which is next to impossible.
  7. Officers of some government agencies are simply ignoring the series of complaints filed by a tandem of supposed fiscalizers because one of them is viewed by some officials as a mercenary.
  8. Groups of moneyed individuals would allow the family members of this respected leader, who went on to the great beyond, to endorse who will be the legislative caretaker of the province.
  9. Not all the winning movies in the traditional MMFF were patronized by movie goers from the city and neighboring provinces, as they know what quality movies are, even sans the awards.
  10. Numerous motorists opted to use the detour along a section of Halsema Highway than taking the risk of passing by this temporary bailey bridge due to fears on structure’s integrity and stability.
  11. Those claiming that Malacañang did the right thing in urging a ban on American legislators must think twice, as the pull-out by U.S. firms employing Filipinos is also possible.
  12. The production of vehicles by car manufacturers has reached millions annually, which means the traffic solutions such as the multi-level park might not be viable in the years to come.