December 1, 2023

1. This former politician who campaigned hard for the former president and PBBM has opted to lie low, as associates keep asking why no government post is offered to him.

2. The non-appearance by President Bongbong Marcos in the Cordillera Day celebration does not mean his administration is not inclined to support the quest for autonomy.

3. Those behind the political atrocities in a Cordillera province want to cling to their posts in the coming 2025 polls that’s why they want power-sharing with the former governor.

4. The appointment of a former City Hall employee to a regional executive post means she has met the key requirements after she was once sidelined in the promotion process.

5. The promotion of a Cordilleran as next AFP chief has just set a precedent that more officers from CAR, who possess the qualities of a leader, could also be the next in line.

6. Self-proclaimed commentators who portray themselves as protectors of the youth from joining the underground movement have political interests contrary to their claims.

7. Incidents of vandalism and graffiti are on the rise and these concerns can be prevented if the suspects are put in jail with the help of the CCTV surveillance camera footages.

8. Some photos downloaded in social media show that the female partner of a public leader appeared to be wearing a “death blanket” of an indigenous group in the region.

9. The LTO appears to be puzzled why there are 1.7 million vehicle license plates when countless individuals are criticizing the agency for delayed release of plates and licenses.

10. A self-proclaimed broadcast influencer must stop being an enabler of officials who do wrong by asking the right questions to people frequently interviewed in their program.

11. An official dug his own grave when he declared no public fund is missing in an infra project when records show the contractor might not be paid for illegal diversion of funds.

12. An incorruptible member of a bids and awards committee of an LGU intentionally does not attend meetings and pre-bid conferences to avoid being included in ‘irregular deals’.