May 28, 2024
  1. Some uniformed officers and government workers might file estafa charges against a professor known for receiving ‘goodwill money’ in exchange for passing grades.
  2. Aside from political endorsements that help in the promotion of this Cordilleran in a government agency, other credentials submitted to the office appear dubious.
  3. People in the academe wonder why DepEd and CHED are so strict with protocols in allowing in-person classes when mass gathering during the elections was worse.
  4. Many farmers support the snowballing call for the President-elect not to reappoint this Cabinet official who has not done enough to curb the smuggling of vegetables.
  5. The decision to reopen Mount Pulag to hikers from areas under alert levels 1 and 2 was reached when many in the tourism sector have finally agreed to get vaccinated.
  6. Concerned agencies would soon be notified about these two punong barangays in Benguet, who hamper the implementation of projects unless they receive an SOP.
  7. A government official who was “misquoted” as saying that chicken has replaced pigs for rituals due to the ASF outbreak has not become a laughing stock recently.
  8. Mind conditioning did not work for this aspiring Cabinet member who has floated a press release claiming to be among those being considered in the Marcos government.
  9. Politics will most likely play a big role in resolving the prolonged impasse over the leadership of one of the reputable public utilities well protected by the members.
  10. The vindictive post on social media by a family member of a politician contradicts the leader’s call for unity while his kin could not move on from the recent elections.
  11. Two small-time contractors do not have plans to bid for projects within two towns where they receive non-stop calls from local leaders asking for goodwill money.
  12. Several self-proclaimed social media influencers, who do not any better, disregard ethics when they copy-paste news from the mainstream media without proper credit.