December 6, 2023

1. This public office has the tendency of congratulating itself for supposedly good deeds when its mandate is to ensure its workers do their jobs and not abuse their authority.

2.  Some of those who signed a document that supports a good cause did not actually read the content of the paper and are unaware of the irregularities committed on the ground.

3.  This ranking official and his chief of police are expecting they can be subjected to investigation on why illegal numbers game operates even during the past administration.

4. There’s an alleged verbal abuse done against young servants by these morally-deficient pastor in violation of Child Abuse Act in the city due to lack of pastor-care response.

5. A law enforcement office is closely monitoring the activities of the officers of a local group engaged in a casino junket that embezzled almost P4B from countless victims.

6. Three LGUs in the Cordillera might not be able to secure the SGGC seal for 2022 or even in the 2023 search due to the adverse audit findings on use of public funds.

7. Law enforcers who were allegedly involved in extrajudicial killings at the height of the bloody war on drugs knew families of the victims are determined to file charges soon.

8. Two former presidents are known in the circle as close allies of China and to involve one of them in the maritime dispute over the West Philippine Sea is counter-productive.

9. The presence of 400 fishing vessels within the West Philippine Sea of which 85 percent are from China means the 479-page arbitral tribunal ruling is mere scraps of paper.

10. Management of a driving school center that was favored in the past is finding ways to be friends with a regional director who has vowed to stop illegal activities in the trade.

11. An aging female office executive is not bothered by the bullying tactics of a politician with an anger management issue especially when his directives are not complied with.

12. A former SOCO officer might decide to come forward and become a state witness should there be an investigation about the bloody war on drugs in the past administration.