May 20, 2024
  1. The family of a victim of summary execution is still seeking justice for the death of an innocent kin, who has no crime record but has witnessed the abduction of a fugitive.
  2. The chief executive in this urban LGU seems unaware that a trusted employee has not instructed small bar owners to remit allowances or face possible closure for lack of permits.
  3. Trolls are quick to describe as a form of crab mentality the series of reports over the blunders in the country’s hosting of the 30th SEAG when the media are just presenting facts.
  4. Contrary to claims by this agency, Baguio had two free public WiFi sites at Burnham Park in 2008 and 2015, but these connectivities were lost to the dismay of the public.
  5. This former official is wantonly violating the ‘No obstruction policy’ by parking his vehicle in a busy circumferential road unmindful of what the voters might think come next polls.
  6. It is not even the mainstream or social media that first exposed reports on logistical issues in the country’s hosting of the SEA Games, but the dismayed athletes and coaches themselves.
  7. This early, four, not three, aspirants are praying hard that this famous chief executive will heed the call for him to seek higher elective position in 2022 so he would vacate his current post.
  8. No matter what the organizers and supporters choose to call it, a trade fair is still a trade fair even if lowly tents were replaced with more expensive structures within a premier park.
  9. This regional executive is not hiding from groups of wealthy individuals, who will soon lead the petition against him for allegedly tolerating glaring lapses in the bidding of projects.
  10. With the backing of some residents, two individuals are planning to file a class suit against Task Force Kennon Road for economic losses due to the prolonged closure of the road.
  11. For this Malacañang official to claim that Vice President Leni Robredo has not accomplished anything only proves the ICAD position of the latter was doomed to fail anyway.
  12. This legislative body is not becoming a stamp pad in local governance by turning a blind eye to glaring circumvention of local policies committed no less than a visionary chief executive.