May 24, 2024
  1. Declaring one as persona non grata in Baguio is more of a political statement, as one or two of those earlier declared unwelcome has been freely roaming, even playing in a city facility.
  2. Alleged corruption in the country’s sports commission and the various national teams will have serious effects in the overall performance of the PHL squads in this year’s SEA Games.
  3. Motorists driving defective vehicles, including those without proper documents, were saved from being arrested because the “One time, big time” operation was leaked in social media.
  4. The P50 million used to build the cauldron for the country’s hosting of the 30th SEAG could have been put to good use if the amount was used for better training facilities of athletes.
  5. The planned commercial component of the Christmas celebration in Baguio within a busy park does not violate a 2012 ordinance and will not compete with existing local products.
  6. There will be no whitewash in the ongoing investigation on the dumping of eight cadavers in Tuba, Benguet even if the agency leading the probe might have an idea who are behind it.
  7. Alleged anomalies in the bidding of a huge infrastructure project along Kennon Road might lead to criminal charges against concerned agency officials and the powerful committee.
  8. The Vice President is doomed to fail as co-chair of the anti-illegal drug superbody, as she has no access on the list of high-value targets and classified information on the illegal drug trade.
  9. With the recent Supreme Court ruling, the city government is cleared to demolish the buildings built by claimants of nullified CALTs, including the construction near a heritage site.
  10. A former Malacañang official is the latest legal luminary who has joined the much-publicized legal battle involving ranking military officers and cadets following the death of a PMA cadet.
  11. Losing in the 2019 midterm elections did not prevent this politician from maintaining his presence in social media by reposting viral posts to gain popularity ahead of the 2022 polls.
  12. Several aspiring writers have displayed poor performance in recent contests, as many are unaware of current events, but are updated on showbiz happenings and latest online trends.