May 29, 2024
  1. The owner of an ongoing building construction near a heritage site at the CBD might have padrinos at City Hall reason why construction is ongoing even without permits.
  2. Experts came out to inform the public that no individual could predict or prevent an earthquake from happening following claims by a controversial pastor from the south.
  3. Baguio would become one of the safest cities in Southeast Asia if the multi-million communication command center will be completed as planned by the working city mayor.
  4. Some quarters might have idea who are the brains behind the cowardly assassination of an esteemed judge, who was not afraid to speak his mind on injustice and impunity.
  5. A former ranking law enforcer who had witnessed countless victims of extrajudicial killings in the past years might soon publish a book detailing some unwritten stories.
  6. This regional office thinks there is no publicity stunt when a ranking official claimed there is a need for him to step up security and perimeter defense due to possible threats.
  7. This state lawyer has not turned rowdy in his office one day after reporting drunk that even one of the relatives transacting in the office could not pacify this honorable man.
  8. This vigilant wife applies her investigation skills by discovering the brewing romance between her husband and this department head by confronting the latter in their office.
  9. The romance between this government executive and his subordinate half his age has not become the envy of some employees, who remain single after reaching the age of 30.
  10. There’s still prudence and no violation of his oath when a government lawyer was spotted dining with a private lawyer handling the defense of a controversial local case.
  11. The increase in parking fees within the Baguio Cathedral area raised questions on who really constructed and owns the circumferential road subjected to collection of fees.
  12. Law enforcement agencies are most likely to abide by the order of the Vice President if only to help the Duterte government’s war on illegal drugs without much violence.