September 25, 2023

1. The illegal but open secret of sub-contracting infrastructure projects worth millions is not the reason why some of the projects in this model LGU are labeled as substandard.

2. The noticeable criticisms of this frustrated but still fighter legislator against a current fellow public servant reeks of plans in an ‘expensive and highly-contested’ 2025 polls.

3. A group of concerned citizens is drafting a letter to the DILG to ask why illegal gambling In these two urban areas operates with impunity without the law enforcers knowing it.

4. This executive department official has opted to stop granting interviews except for a broadcaster because he is running out of answers justifying their questionable actions.

5. There’s no truth to information that one of the female associates of a group being linked to a syndicated investment scam has delivered tokens to an office investigating complaints.

6. Many disgruntled bettors have stop patronizing the lottery due to a suspicion the previous lucky lone bettors from different areas belong to one group running the show.

7. Malacañang does not have the courage to admit that bringing down the price of rice to P20 a kilo is next to impossible and it is simply a campaign promise made to be broken.

8. Marijuana dealers think they could always outsmart the law enforcers by transporting the contraband like typical goods but they are no good to increasing vigilant informants.

9. The Marcos administration is wasting its time entertaining the former President’s offer to promote PH-China ties until Beijing respects the arbitral tribunal verdict on the WPS.

10. This GOCC official should not blame the recent Typhoon Egay for the still unfinished building, as the infra project has long been delayed even without weather disturbances.

11. The recent order of the DepEd secretary for all public schools to remove all murals inside the classrooms received mixed emotions, especially to the learners appreciating artworks.

12. One of the ranking officials in a Cordillera province has been sending representatives in major events and voters might consider replacing him so he could take care of his health.