May 22, 2024

1. Noticeable in social media is the creation of pseudo-accounts exposing the supposed unauthorized activities of a group accused of not paying the ROI of its disgruntled lenders.

2. The gun-toting driver who was a dismissed cop earned the ire of the public when he acted like the victim and when he blasted social media for projecting him a very bad person.

3. The performance of Gilas Pilipinas in the 2023 FIBA World Cup must not be blamed on coach Chot Reyes, who still clings to his post in spite snowballing calls for him to resign.

4. With tyranny in numbers reigning in the Lower House, Filipinos do not expect there will be an inquiry if the Vice President spent the P150 million confidential funds in 19 days.

5. The next order of the DepEd leadership would be to stop teaching personnel dancing on Tiktok, Reels and other social media platforms while in uniform simply to gain followers.

6. A former village chief has not caught the public by surprise when he posted his COC for the 2023 BSKE and will be running against his ally who has plans to run for ABC post.

7. There is a general sentiment for City Hall to stop posting plans about the Carantes St. and proceed with improvement and declare it as one of the city’s major accomplishments.

8. The advisory that Kennon Road is open for residents only is the biggest joke in town, as those in power and men in uniform traverse the road anytime of the day if the weather is good.

9. The directive to remove all murals inside public school buildings is not one of the results of intelligence gathering from the OVP which also detailed 433 security escorts to the VP.

10. This early, some political camps are assessing their possible strongest bets for the top elective positions in Baguio and some of the potential candidates are willing to severe ties.

11. By some indications, there is a possibility that an illegal online gaming is being operated somewhere in the region due to the presence of young foreigners not appearing as tourists.

12. It is high time for millions of Filipino basketball fans to convince the SBP that change is necessary to give a fresh start which the national squad deserves after humiliating losses.