November 30, 2023

1. The senseless killing of a prominent lady lawyer in Abra triggers the possible start of series of violence in the conflict-stricken province until the upcoming 2025 elections.

2. The underground movement in the north has been recruiting members from lowland regions after its members from Cordillera have been surrendering to State forces.

3. The brouhaha on the Balangagan Cave in Sagada following a post from a tourist must serve as a basis in formulating or updating existing guidelines in the Tourism Code.

4. Other than the horses displayed and a dance competition, a recent event that has caused gridlocks was nothing more than a venue for items sold in markets and groceries.

5. Trolls of the past regime have surfaced recently to launch ad hominem attacks against officials questioning the details of multi-million confidential funds for a lady official.

6. Noticeable in the social media is the creation of pseudo-accounts exposing the supposed unauthorized venture of a group accused of not paying the ROI of disgruntled lenders.

7. Some of the speeches being delivered by a known politician sound flat and boring since the speech writers are unaware that most of the audience are glued to their smartphones.

8. Enterprising traders have allowed a politician in Manila to change the prices of regular and well-milled rice varieties but returned the original prices after the media photo-op.

9. A senator is simply ensuring the principle of checks and balances when she questioned the confidential funds of an official who thinks budget hearing is a team-building event.

10. The frequent and often prolonged power interruptions are not indicators of deteriorating service by a rated public utility firm that now has two factions in the management level.

11. The blunder in the successful registration of a sim card under the identity of a cartoon character is a proof scammers have registered many sim cards for nefarious activities.

12. Close to 10 individuals are being rumored to be aspiring for the ABC presidential post should they hurdle the much-contested barangay and SK elections in this urban center.