December 8, 2023

1. This ranking politician considers taxpayers funds as personal funds reason why she opts to criticize fellow public servants than explaining where the fund is used.

2. Two officials of a state school favor money more than the welfare of students by offering the stalls of practicing economic students to a creative private businessman.

3. The executive dean of a state-run learning institution has become enterprising that he decided to bring home with him some used G.I. sheets for use in his property.

4. Even vendors at the city public market can attest that there are more customers who prefer transacting with GCash payment than the other technology endorsed by the city.

5. A congregation is not behind the efforts to discredit the integrity of a sexual abuse victim who earned the courage to file a case against the suspect, who is a priest.

6. Heads will soon roll in this provincial police command if the killing of a lady lawyer fails to progress as the suspects and the brains behind the crime remain at-large.

7. Like  Carantes  Street, the public  wonder  when the busy street between Kisad and Legarda Roads will be opened as the sidewalk repair project has been ongoing for months now.

8. Several sectors in one Cordillera province are exerting effort to convince their officials to consider the snowballing call to stop further  implementation  of rock netting projects.

9. It’s high time concerned offices within the BLISTT, especially Baguio, La Trinidad, and Tuba, to hold a traffic management summit to ease the worsening gridlocks in these areas.

10. Except for some groups and sectors, Filipinos have no qualms if the President witnessed the F1 series in Singapore since he needs a break from economic woes faced by Filipinos.

11. Some netizens, who do not know any better, complain every time concerned groups and individuals hold rallies to air their grievances, as dissent is crucial in a democracy.

12. A manager of a reputable company who discovered the wonders of ChatGPT has used artificial intelligence to produce a memorandum stating the roles  of intelligent employees.