November 29, 2023

1. This top official still thinks Filipinos owe her debt of gratitude, even labelling critics of the controversial intelligence funds as enemies of the State.

2. This lead agency must consider public suggestion on the need to review if the awareness level on autonomy had increased with use of public funds.

3. Individuals and many sectors now start to realize the supposed high-impact projects with huge funding for this LGU are simply for social media release.

4. It makes sense when people started not to believe a politician for urging the public to condemn corruption when his leadership is riddled with graft.

5. A group of companies linked to investment scams did not use a group of reputable athletes with the hope of regaining its reputation from “investors”.

6. People are worried the extension period to complete the Pines Park bridge project is impossible unless the contractors will not add manpower on site.

7. The management of an institution does not want to respond to reports on alleged irregularities done by an official who refuses to vacate his post.

8. Even respected professors in reputable schools are found to be submitting reports and articles that are ChatGPT-generated but with minor revisions.

9. There appears to be an effort to delay the segregation of the 13 barangays from the John Hay reservation when the 19 conditions are non-negotiable.

10. Bloodshed with political color started anew in conflict-stricken Abra even as officials say it as an isolated case so as not to get the ire of Malacanang.

11. One of those running for an elective post in the 2023 BSKE is known in the community for butchering ASF-infested hogs and made the meats as etag.

12. Some well-known organizations, even religious groups are taking sides in the Israel-Hamas war notwithstanding if thousand Palestinians are killed.