July 25, 2024

1. Remnants of the Duterte government who are currently holding Cabinet positions are avoiding talking politics, as they might be removed anytime.

2. The alleged destabilization plots against the Marcos government might be blown out of proportion if Palace cannot control an aspiring prime minister.

3. The ongoing word war between two political camps that were once united is validating some accusations hurled against current and former presidents.

4. A political leader has been exonerated from public speculation that he and a businesswoman have purchased a well-known establishment in the city.

5. Some infrastructure projects constructed during the pandemic are turning out to be substandard due to cracks and not following project specifications.

6. There will be no shortage of roses supply in the locality even if this businesswoman will donate 10,000 pots of roses for the city-owned float.

7. This legislator from a nearby lowland province is boasting to constituents he could cause the downfall of a political nemesis who made a town great.

8. Some residents in the remotest villages in the Cordillera do not welcome road projects that lead to their areas since it is bad for the marijuana trade.

9. A self-styled preacher is becoming a talk of the town as some followers now doubt his moral credibility for protecting people involved in a scam.

10. A businesswoman and her partners have gracefully rejected the application of a writer with false sense of entitlement to become chief of a publication.