July 15, 2024
  1. A ranking police officer in Abra was not rushed to the ER due to stress caused by the filing of charges by the NBI against policemen over the two-day standoff in Pilar town.
  2. The fallout of these sibling politicians started when their slate for councilor withdrew from the race following the standoff between Abra cops and their armed escorts.
  3. Some election officials in this province must still prepare for post-election administrative cases for accepting goodwill money from the aide of a politician, who won on May 9.
  4. People hearing this politician who portrayed himself as incorruptible scratch their heads, as they know the latter and his allies are known to be favoring project contractors.
  5. The SUVs worth more or less P6 million bought by this official in two years were paid from hard-earned money, not from the SOPs from infra projects as claimed by his critics.
  6. A newsletter that was founded in time for the May 9 elections would be sustained by its founders to serve as a medium in making public officials accountable for their actions.
  7. Well-moneyed supporters are puzzled why a mayoralty bet in Benguet had few campaign paraphernalia when they donated huge amount for colored campaign materials.
  8. A seasoned politician who is expected to seek higher post in 2028 was successful in his reelection bid even if he was not visible to help the public during the pandemic.
  9. This political leader, who has lost moral ascendancy for his previous decision, is trying hard to be a “king maker” for thinking the candidates won the elections because of him.
  10. Only a few politicians and their supporters are willing to undergo RT-PCR testing after their prolonged exposure to the crowd during the campaign period until election day.
  11. Supporters of a party-list group with nominees from the region are right in their claim that one group claiming as “IP-centered” has record of exploiting IPs in the Cordillera.
  12. A young politician has survived the series of black propaganda and mudslinging from his closest rival and supporters by winning majority of votes in several municipalities.