June 17, 2024

1. One of the ranking government employees who is being linked to possible cases of graft and corruption is not the owner of a multi-million condominium project.

2. The camp of a ranking Cordilleran official might be barred or even disqualified from a national sports tournament for ganging up on a hapless referee after a game.

3. The partner of a national official is not exerting pressure on some Cabinet officials, who owe her debt of gratitude, to heed her demands to sustain her lavish lifestyle.

4. There was no selective implementation of the anti-road obstruction policy when cars with red plates were allowed to park in a shared sidewalk at the CBD for days.

5. A social media post by a respected civic leader has hurt onion-skinned politicians and supporters who project that taxpayers’  funds are their own money.

6. Not one of the candidates for Beneco board of directors mysteriously appeared in the list of attendees, as they should have attended at least two general assemblies.

7. City Hall seems to still ignore the growing complaints on the non-stop utilization of Burnham Park for trade fairs that is greatly affecting legitimate businesses.

8. There is a serious failure in leadership when reports said the Philippines, which is known for its vast aquatic resources, is importing 25,000 metric tons of frozen fish.

9. The PNP Cordillera is on the right track when it engages young officers in a series of cyber investigation course and training, as crimes now happen in cyberspace.

10. The abandoned projects in the city due to cancelled contracts should have not been awarded to the erring contractors in the first place if the BAC is doing its job well.