June 21, 2024
  1. Administrators of official Facebook accounts of some LGUs in CAR violate the rule against partisan politics by posting the campaign rallies of incumbent politicians.
  2. Politicians, who do not know any better, and their trolls are insisting on words and phrases that will change the context of a story to advance their personal agenda.
  3. This self-styled politician is defying traditional political surveys by saying in his socmed posts he is leading in surveys but could not cite details which he claims are classified.
  4. Event organizers decry what they claim as double standard in the government’s policy on social distancing, as politicians are not being warned on huge crowds during rallies.
  5. Some experts simply scratch their heads about this LGU head who is good at preparing AVPs for supposed urban plans which are being likened to school requirements.
  6. A trying-hard socmed influencer keeps posting his opinions on legitimate public issues hoping to gain followers except for those who know that he has no moral ascendancy.
  7. Concerned City Hall offices must know by now that consultation is crucial in plan preparations to avoid public criticism such as putting roof at the sidewalks of Session Road.
  8. Some employees of this Baguio official think they too must be accorded by the public with respect like their boss, who do not know his staff have false sense of entitlement.
  9. A lawmaker seeking reelection has a preferred choice for mayor, whom he thinks he can beat easily if they both run for the same elective position in the 2025 elections.
  10. Some of the arrested theft suspects during a recent festival claim to be from a cluster of barangays whose residents are known to be hardworking and dutiful.
  11. A lawyer, who has exploited IPs/ICCs over ancestral land and domain issues, is now projecting himself to be the protector of his victims if given a mandate in May.
  12. Proponents of the much-opposed hydro projects in Apayao are not behind the news that the Apostolic Vicariate of Kalinga and Apayao has endorsed the mega project.