June 22, 2024
  1. The excitement to travel and go on adventure has made individuals vulnerable to false advertisements of travel and tour packages, especially deceitful air fare promos.
  2. The fighting spirit of many national candidates, including those making a comeback, remains high even if they consistently lag in the surveys during the past months.
  3. Countless ‘volunteers’ for one of the leading presidential candidates slowed down in posting campaign posters, as they also feel the need to work for their families’ needs.
  4. Many politicians are becoming desperate in their political bid by giving promises that are next to impossible, as it requires huge funding and not certified as urgent.
  5. The organizing committee of a famous event did the right thing in omitting speeches to maintain civility between two politicians vying for the same position.
  6. Filipinos must demand for the resignation of Patafa officials for excluding EJ Obiena in the list of athletes competing in the 2022 SEAG due to personal grudges.
  7. The implementation of infrastructure projects, such as rock netting is becoming a political issue and the public wants to know if these lack funds or purely of poor quality.
  8. One of the mayoral candidates in this urban area is doing a repeat of his strategy in the recent elections that ensured his victory by conducting house-to-house campaign.
  9. A giant mall is not planning to purchase prime government properties in the city for its planned commercial complex to compete with the biggest mall in Northern Luzon.
  10. Some PUV operators and drivers are peeling off stickers of this national candidate on their vehicles due to non-payment of the P500 monthly since the pre-campaign period.
  11. Politicians accuse their rivals of credit grabbing over various high-impact projects when the public doesn’t care who started or completed them since it is their job anyway.
  12. The administrators of social media accounts of two political leaders vying for the same post are throwing allegations against each other without the knowledge of their masters.