May 19, 2024
  1. Even with a high vaccination rate in Baguio, some parents are still hesitant to send their children to school when most schools reopen for face-to-face classes.
  2. Out of jealousy, power play and politics, some officials are opposing the Sunday closure of Session Road that allows vendors to recover from the impacts of the pandemic.
  3. Filipino voters have matured for they know now the candidates who only reached out to people during elections but are hard to be reached when in they are in power.
  4. To ensure compliance to the minimum public health standards, LGUs may consider adopting a policy setting the maximum limit of attendees during campaign caravans.
  5. Enterprising tour organizers have reserved most slots for outdoor or hiking activities in famous mountains in CAR and charged participants with exorbitant fees.
  6. Only a few new Covid-19 cases are reported by LGUs in CAR, as most people no longer avail of antigen or RT-PCR test even when they experience symptoms.
  7. The BBM-Sara executive committee does not announce which group in Baguio City is the accredited one because doing so would result in internal rift among the factions.
  8. A famous candidate was no show in political rallies in Abra and Kalinga due to the bad weather in her hometown, not because her camp prefers only the vote-rich provinces.
  9. Concerned agencies should also verify the justifications made by fuel providers in increasing prices that is causing panic to the motorists and Filipino consumers.
  10. The DOT should sanction travel and tour groups that post inaccurate details in their packages that mislead clients such as the post that says Baguio offers beach hopping.
  11. This seasoned Cordilleran politician will mostly be rejected by the voters if he decides to run in the future for his unusual show of support to a formidable candidate.
  12. The low vaccination rates in these two Cordillera provinces could also be a political issue to be thrown against current public officials, especially the chief executives.