April 17, 2024
  1. Some people wonder if the posts in social media by people offering massage services are into legitimate business, as some of their photos are partially naked.
  2. Many Baguio residents must be reminded that face mask use is optional but not in closed spaces and crowded outdoor areas such as parts of the city public market.
  3. Some sectors wonder what were the gains of the 1986 Mount Data peace accord aside from providing livelihood and allowances to some advocates in the region.
  4. A government chopper that consumes P125,000 worth of fuel per hour of flight is not being borrowed by this ranking government official even for personal use.
  5. The PR of a national award-giving body lacks decency when it sent email to mainstream media that seemed to require them to report to the annual awards.
  6. Legislative staff members must learn a thing or two from a young official who has proposed relevant and quality legislations instead of submitting lousy works.
  7. It doesn’t take rocket science to realize that the CEO and BCDEO erred in the installation of tactile blocks within the CBD based on a DPWH department order.
  8. The Trade Fair Ordinance that paved the way for “tiangges” at Burnham Park should be abolished as those who crafted it are themselves are violating the law.
  9. Marijuana dealers and buyers from outside the Cordillera thought they could outsmart the PNP and PDEA who made big-time seizures since the pandemic.
  10. Authorities are validating information about the presence of foreigners inside a famous hotel within the CBD who are working as offshore gaming employees.
  11. The former spokesman of a government agency has opted to keep his mouth shut in spite of public pressure to speak on fund anomalies in the 2021 polls.
  12. The series of raids conducted by the Bureau of Customs was due to warning from PBBM that heads will roll if rampant smuggling is not addressed.