October 3, 2023
  1. This government worker has tendered his resignation days after a tracking team has exposed his numerous rackets involving the designs of government projects.
  2. There was no internal arrangement in the exclusion of a prime forest reservation from any claims when there is prior rights even before the old charter was crafted.
  3. Concerned motorcycle groups must also police their ranks from members acting as supposed deputized motorcycle policemen who direct traffic flow in their favor.
  4. The horrendous traffic being experienced in Baguio City especially on weekends is aggravated by vehicles illegally parked car on roads serving as alternate routes.
  5. The visit of the U.S. Vice President to Palawan only proves America remains a steadfast ally of the Philippines in asserting its rights over West Philippine Sea.
  6. There’s no waste of public funds in an ongoing construction of satellite market structure in a city barangay when its wall was demolished for possible renovation.
  7. A lawyer is not bothered facing cyber libel charges from government personnel and private individuals since he has solid pieces of evidence to back his claims.
  8. This disgruntled businessman joined several others in relocating their businesses due to difficulties in complying pre-requisites for a business permit from an LGU.
  9. A government agency is under fire due to series of comments from netizens about the poor client service of its personnel, who draw their salaries from the pensioners.
  10. The camp of an embattled mayor, who placed second after a convicted bet in the 2022 polls, quickly called for celebration when the former was installed as mayor.
  11. Several politicians intentionally avoided taking group photos with the suspended BuCor chief during a festival to be safe from threats of possible political backlash.
  12. A recent event up north that gathered participants nationwide helped businesses recover from losses, including night establishments frequented by male visitors.