April 14, 2024
  1. People in Palawan are just hopeful their local police are as efficient as the Baguio’s Finest who have been successful in arresting suspects in heinous crimes.
  2. It was coincidence that world leaders have to respond to the call of nature, which is why a lot of seats were vacant when a colleague delivered his speech.
  3. Filipinos are still hopeful the campaign promise to lower the price of rice to P20 per kilo will be realized before the basic PUV fare will be increased to P20.
  4. This Cabinet secretary who was petitioned by regional directors for his poor leadership is making moves to have all the petitioners demoted or replaced.
  5. This enterprising journo is now seeking endorsements from ranking officials in his bid to become an information chief, co-terminus with the President.
  6. Now a master of traditional politics, a politician knew what will make him victorious in any election but he is now rarely seen a few months after winning.
  7. A department head would not just become a whipping boy to justify why a trade fair has been extended despite violations in the conditions since day one.
  8. Tobacco companies are not behind the candies shaped like cigarettes being sold in local stores despite the decline in sales due to localized no smoking laws.
  9. One of the most difficult tasks given to a troll farm is to project that a young politician, aside from being good-looking, has the potential to be a president.
  10. This ranking government official thought she could easily convince the Senate and Lower House to accede to her whims in deference to the former President.
  11. Baliwag Lechon should also update the public what actions it has undertaken to correct the “discriminatory” requirement for its workers in one of its chains.
  12. There are some qualified nominees for Lingkod Bayani awards from the ranks of PRO-Cor only that the nominees have no to time to submit the requirements.