June 4, 2023
  1. The national Inter-Agency Task Force must not entertain any urgent call for booster shots for those inoculated until all eligible people are jabbed.
  2. Many residents are hesitant to set an appointment with the mayor of this LGU, as personnel at the office would look at them from head to toe first.
  3. It’s not true that Beneco is now called Boneco after most of the lawyers who engaged in a heated debate trace their roots to Mt. Prov.
  4. The public, especially Christians, wonder why church services are being regulated while the operation of casinos, an enclosed setting, is allowed.
  5. The heavily post-processed portraits of candidates of a beauty pageant received mixed reactions and comments that made a lot of people laugh.
  6. Many politicians are not yet interested to join the Go-Duterte tandem, as they want to be with the party of the most powerful mayor from the south.
  7. The camp of this well-moneyed politician has been visible in every sitio under lockdown to deliver food and non-food assistance to the residents.
  8. A well-respected political leader in this province is becoming a mediator for the three to four politicians who all want to run for Congress in 2022.
  9. There is a growing list of famous politicians, who were once flashing the fist bump, openly criticizing how government affairs is being managed.
  10. It is mostly likely that the Go-Duterte tandem will be withdrawn and to be substituted by a more popular tandem that will include a powerful mayor.
  11. This nearby province must be as aggressive as the Baguio LGU in terms of its anti-Covid response, as its constituents are well-exposed in the city.
  12. Many of those in the Manila news desk do not know their geography for always posting the image of Banaue to accompany a story about Baguio.

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