April 23, 2024
  1. A married chief executive from a nearby province is not yet aware the public already knew about his affair with an educator currently into a relationship.
  2. Residents of a barangay are still wondering why this satellite market remains unfinished after almost a year now when it could have been completed in three months.
  3. The first thing people will look for whenever this infamous government official attends a gathering is the kind of vehicle he or his bodyguard is driving.
  4. Some quarters wonder why businesses operators who complain on the conduct of Sunday markets are not opposing the series of trade fairs at Malcolm Square.
  5. Many of those who complained of the supposed poor booking for Baguio-Cebu flights have opted to travel by land when the air fare rates were made available.
  6. PCSO might have already noticed a steady decrease in collection from regular number combinations of bettors who now question the integrity of the lottery.
  7. This agency that is supposed to instill road discipline has allowed a government vehicle to obstruct pedestrian flow at the back of its office at the CBD.
  8. It’s just a matter of time before controversial appointees of the past administration will either be retained or nullified depending on their link to a powerful lady.
  9. Law enforcers who might be facing charges in relation to the Oplan Tokhang of the past administration hope they will get support from the current government.
  10. Some of the barangay and SK officials in Baguio favor the renewed push for barangay merger to free the city of non-performing grassroots officials.
  11. Those behind the construction of a barangay hall cannot be held accountable if the building has leaks and other defects because it is world-class after all.
  12. Tourists from Cebu and nearby provinces down south are more excited to travel to the north via PAL flights while Cordillerans may still prefer to travel by land.