June 2, 2023
  1. Aspirants for local elective positions will announce their official political parties only after an influential mayor from the south announces her plan.
  2. Aside from the ongoing leadership crisis in Beneco, member-consumers must be wary of private firms interested to take over the A+-rated utility.
  3. A group close to the chief executive has not been cornering special events with funds using some dummies while saying it is doing it for public service.
  4. This self-proclaimed most-hated lawyer in the locality was so happy that at least for a week, another lawyer stole the thunder as the most hated one.
  5. These siblings thought they have better chances of winning in the 2022 polls by offering themselves as tandem of a lady mayor from the south.
  6. Many establishments in the city do not entertain customers not wearing face shield when their workers don’t strictly use the same while on duty.
  7. Two aspiring politicians in Benguet prefer attending wakes and funerals than weddings and merrymaking events where those present are not voters.
  8. Police Gen. Guillermo Eleazar will go down in history as the chief PNP with the most number of stations inspected ahead of a national election.
  9. Talibans are most likely to die of Covid, not due to gunshot wounds for not strictly observing health protocols such as wearing of face mask.
  10. Many Cordillerans seem no longer interested on the latest developments on the quest for autonomy until the bill is certified as urgent.
  11. This politician who is known for being epal for always appearing in all Palace events is now accusing some camps of politicizing the pandemic.
  12. Customers should not complain if business establishments are turning off the aircon system for fear that the Covid-19 virus transmission is airborne.

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