April 18, 2024
  1. More than 100 trees inside a posh reservation are being applied for a cutting permit and it is most likely to be approved in the name of city development.
  2. The mayor’s vast experience in intelligence gathering could be employed to identify individuals who forged their residency to get vaccinated in Baguio.
  3. One of the chief executives in the Cordillera is not afraid to part ways with a formidable local political coalition to pursue his calling to serve the people.
  4. This official has been a laughing stock when he threatened to order the arrest of those who reject the vaccine when millions are desperate to get vaccinated.
  5. Some of those who were recently vaccinated actually received their ‘booster’ contrary to press releases it was their first time to receive anti-Covid vaccines.
  6. Many concerned quarters do not believe the claims of a political camp that no special treatment is extended to several individuals in the vaccination rollout.
  7. Several drivers of PUVs contracted to ferry APORs thought they were given immunity to disobey traffic regulations such as overtaking even in busy roads.
  8. A self-styled DDS who operates a bogus news station in Baguio might spend some time in jail during the President’s last SONA due to three counts of libel.
  9. This early, many political camps start mass producing face masks bearing the name of would-be candidates, especially those who enjoy political machinery.
  10. Some private personalities, including politicians, are hopeful the proposed bills seeking to amend the charter of Baguio will not prosper due to vested interests.
  11. A provincial official has openly declared his intention to run for higher elective position in the 2022 elections, which received a favorable public response.
  12. The reported surge in Covid-19 cases in the provinces, including remote towns, is caused by the non-wearing of face mask even when entertaining visitors.