February 9, 2023
  1. This political leader is ill-advised for claiming in public it is right to acquire the resources allocated to other LGUs if it is for the good of his beloved constituents.
  2. Several overstaying officers of this public utility firm have already advanced their per diems for the coming years through personal car loans worth millions of pesos.
  3. Many of those who got their second dose of the China-made vaccine are planning to get another vaccine as one of their travel passes in countries with rigid policies.
  4. This nearby LGU which does not support mass testing must ensure that those who qualify for vaccination are not Covid-19 positive in compliance to WHO standards.
  5. It will be a walk in the park for these two incumbent leaders if the other candidates will not put their acts together to form a united opposition in the coming local polls.
  6. Some people in the medical profession want their hard-earned money back, which they earlier invested in a casino junket scheme, which is turning out to be a scam.
  7. Cordillerans have not learned their lesson that individuals posting huge cash on social media to appear wealthy and inviting business partners is simply a red flag.
  8. The special audit report of donations from the private sector received by this LGU will soon be released regardless of the findings due to transparency in governance.
  9. Several vans full of passengers are seen plying the major highways while many provincial buses are not yet allowed to resume operation due to Covid-19 threats.
  10. Countless Filipinos who are eligible for vaccination are still taking their chances by waiting for vaccines with higher efficacy rates such as those made in the U.S.
  11. The owner of this posh subdivision with a fairway is not being accused by some residents of employing schemes to grab parcels of lots already occupied in years.
  12. This regional director has not reconsidered his order for his men not to play golf even if the PNP chief has allowed it to be played on weekends and holidays only.

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