May 18, 2024
  1. A government executive has included all his unsuspecting officemates as close contacts when he tested positive for Covid-19 when his lone close contact is his young girlfriend.
  2. Residents are wondering why this young and energetic official has not been visible to reach out to his constituents as he opted to stay in a nearby province since the pandemic.
  3. A municipal employee is not under the payroll of a private individual who is allowed to fence and start construction activities without first securing permits issued by the LGU.
  4. Several sectors heaved a sigh of relief this ranking law enforcer notoriously known for his red-tagging efforts has been relieved from his post after years of serving in the Cordillera.
  5. One chief executive who is a known ally of a recently retired police officer was a no show during retirement honors, as he is reportedly avoiding events that entail a crowd.
  6. Several business establishments in Baguio are allowing clients to use their parking areas as unofficial designated smoking areas even if this violates the Smoke Free Ordinance.
  7. Countless healthcare frontliners remain worried in getting their second dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine even if FDA claims the benefits outweigh potential risks.
  8. There is no truth to the suspicion of several quarters that this ranking official, who tested positive for Covid-19 recently, had his first dose of vaccine before contracting the virus.
  9. Some of those who jumped the vaccination line are finding any possible justification to prove their claims that they are in the frontline against the pandemic when they are not.
  10. High-stakes gambling within a government compound in a capital town is one of the hotspots of Covid-19 transmission involving officials but this is not declared to authorities.
  11. Constituents of this ranking official in the region are happy to be informed the latter is slowly recovering after he reportedly suffered mild stroke while serving during the pandemic.
  12. Concerned personnel in this municipality should conduct random inspection of business establishments, especially those reported to be violating the liquor ban under the MGCQ.