April 21, 2024
  1. Many of those in the medical community heaved a sigh of relief that this chief executive who once ‘disputed’ medical science is now acknowledging the threats of the Covid-19.
  2. The public wonders why tree planting was held in Mt. Pulag to justify the trek of this executive and his party when the forest is a natural regeneration of endemic species.
  3. A former employee of a government office has no plans of exposing possible anomalies in the alleged distribution of projects to some contractors even before the bidding starts.
  4. One of the undisclosed close contacts of a known personality opted not to undergo swab testing and mandatory isolation, as he is busy with events that require meeting of people.
  5. A popular pub in this nearby town discreetly violates the town’s anti-Covid regulations for serving liquor to its throngs of customers while its doors appear closed at all times.
  6. The chief executives who contracted Covid proved they are patiently waiting for their turn to be inoculated unlike some of their colleagues who jumped the vaccination line.
  7. This agency is not on the right track in protecting a forest reserve by preventing entry of local tourists, but not the chicken dung used in destructive commercial farming.
  8. The aggressive drive to settle a decades-old conflict among villagers due to boundary disputes in two upland towns drew setback due to lack of respect to lowly villagers.
  9. A ranking PNP officer is not harboring ill-feelings towards some members of a sector whom he sued for differences in political, cultural, and social beliefs.
  10. Residents are partly to be blamed for the continuous surge of Covid cases in the city and nearby areas for breaching the minimum health protocols when in public areas.
  11. Some healthcare frontliners who earlier deferred their inoculation opted to avail of the available vaccines due to the alarming increase in Covid-19 cases in the localities.
  12. Filipinos are not happy seeing this elected official appearing to be acting as a secretary of a chief executive most of the time than performing his mandate to legislate policies.