July 22, 2024

1. Qualified local artists and crafts folk are not being invited to represent this LGU in some creative cities events overseas since those in the priority list are politicos.

2. A young police officer is in hot water after he is being blamed as the source of a memo stating that the PNP is on red alert for potential destabilization plot.

3. The use of a public road at the CBD for commercial purposes during night time does not violate the maxim that roads are beyond the commerce of man.

4. This conflict-stricken province is generally peaceful the past three months, as any politically motivated killing would get the ire of this ranking Malacañang official.

5. A ranking police officer who was denied of his much-awaited promotion is now a subject of speculations if he has benefited from the downfall of a political clan.

6. The amiable wife of a ranking politician in the Cordillera is being groomed as a potential candidate either for mayor or Congress in the 2025 midterm elections.

7.  Those behind the operation of an illegal batching plant hidden behind the walls of a big structure have no worries being cited for violation of an existing policy.

8. A recent NEA order has brought confusion among concerned sectors about the legitimacy of appointment of a Beneco general manager either by BOA or BOD.

9. The PNP and DILG are just waiting for those involved in illegal drugs trade to file their courtesy resignation to avoid legalities in the future.

10. LGUs are not bothered with possible outbreak of Covid-19 cases during festivals since those who will show symptoms soon will refuse testing anyway.

11. The total ban on sale and distribution of firecrackers greatly helped in lowering cases on injuries in many LGUs even if some residents violated the local policy.

12. Some quarters are wondering on the mechanics followed in the selection of  members of Task Force Beneco and the composition of the selection board.