March 5, 2024
  1. Convincing a former president to take a selfie using his own phone is the greatest accomplishment this “greatest yaya of all time” can boast of in social media.
  2. This “know it all guy” was sauteed in his own oil for his comment in social media about the proper wearing of traditional garb but was quickly corrected by netizens.
  3. One of the best pieces of advice for those with health emergency is to ride a taxi if available to ferry them since most city hospitals have limited parking spaces.
  4. It will take another year before Filipinos will have a possible chance to replace barangay officials, especially those who were a no-show during the pandemic.
  5. The convoy of more than 10 high-end vans has simply ferried city tourists-cum- seminar participants, not foreign workers of a discreet offshore gaming center.
  6. There is serious environmental concern in this province that records swelling of rivers and flashfloods, which means vast tracts of its forests are being denuded.
  7. The mysterious death of the middleman in the killing of broadcaster Percy Lapid inside the Bilibid exposes the possible link of powerful people to the crime.
  8. A provincial official and some employees might be suspended following an audit report disallowing a multi-million road project awarded through “rigged bidding.”
  9. Up to now, even traffic czars and the BCPO combined could not yet find possible solutions to the prolonged gridlock along the Sta. Catalina area of Marcos Highway.
  10. Having an executive endorsement is one of the best excuses by some officials on granting the requests for trade fair within the CBD that may violate an ordinance.
  11. The President cannot categorically state and agency has concerns on corruption that is why he is not yet entertaining suggestions to appoint a full-time secretary.
  12. Not all vital infrastructure such as bridges and buildings were fully inspected by concerned agencies after the July 27 quake to ensure safety of the general public.