July 25, 2024
  1. Two LGUs seemed to have adopted the “no mass testing, no problem” approach following the continued surge of Covid-19 cases in the localities.
  2. Residents were caught by surprise when the medical certificate requirement was reinstated just as their LGUs announced entry to Baguio is unrestricted.
  3. Many of those who first registered in the BIMP of City Hall are hoping the city will fulfill its promise they will be prioritized in the vaccination rollout.
  4. Countless residents have secured medical certificates to be able to cross the BLISTT borders after not declaring the true state of their health in the HDF.
  5. Unlike the other employees of this LGU, who like to flaunt their assets, this politician’s aide still borrows a car when he has recently bought a new SUV.
  6. A letter of appeal from a self-styled lawyer asking the city to allow passage of vegetable dealers was simply ignored since these dealers have food passes.
  7. One of the well-loved political leaders in the Cordillera has opted to remain silent on his political plans despite efforts to convince him to run next year.
  8. This ranking government official and his advisers are not being accused of extortion for demanding payment for a bilateral agreement to continue.
  9. Many frontliners were dismayed with the recent advisory of a chief executive easing restrictions and minimum health protocols such as use of face mask.
  10. The government’s delaying tactics in the procurement of anti-Covid-19 vaccines are being covered up by attacks on leaders known as government critics.
  11. It appears the homebase of communist insurgency is in the hometown of this Malacañang official, that’s why it will get a billion of the NTF-ELCAC funding.
  12. Some of those who attended a gathering of people to support a leader from the south could testify the event was not testing the waters for the 2022 polls.