July 16, 2024
  1. The real proud Igorot challenge is how to live to the legacy of our ancestors, who fought for our dignity, not posting photos in native garbs in Facebook.
  2. A self-proclaimed social media influencer, who claims to help promote Baguio’s tourism, does not know the city is already popular even before he was born.
  3. Many individuals have created dummy accounts in social media so they can speak their minds on the supposed lapses committed by officials of one LGU.
  4. This camp is quick to claim there’s early politicking in relation to recent issues in the locality when those voicing their concerns are the public, not politicians.
  5. This ‘plantita’ at City Hall is becoming a concern among event organizers for always requesting if she could possibly bring home a plant whenever she is present.
  6. The requirement for medical certificate among residents passing the BLISTT borders has not been proven to have mitigated local transmission of the Covid-19.
  7. Organizing residents in the rural areas to become members of a group pushing for supposed good governance in a province is being financed by a politician.
  8. Majority of the mayors in this province will most likely be included in a solid local coalition that is seen to change the political landscape after the elections.
  9. It’s the public, not the politicians, who claim there is double standard in the imposition of penalties for violations of the minimum health and protocols.
  10. A giant corporation has not paid individuals to create dummy accounts in social media and post only the good intents of developing an old public market.
  11. The age-based restriction for people to stay at home is not observed by establishments that are also recovering from financial losses due to the pandemic.
  12. The Department of Education-Cordillera is doing necessary actions to correct the erroneous entries about the Igorots in the modules given to millions of learners.